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Private Lightweight Mobile Tented Camp

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to travel as the great adventurers did in the early part of the last century? You need wonder no longer if you opt for this type of travel. Picture this - alone in the African bush with the vast night sky overhead as you sit around a roaring camp fire sipping your favorite drink. It's just you ,the animals, the stars and your own private, professional crew to attend to your every need. You will sleep in lightweight tents with comfortable mattresses and mosquito mesh sides/tops so that you can star gaze. You will dine on great food and enjoy highly qualified guides. This being said, these accommodations are more about being out in the bush by yourself rather than luxury. You will have an outside short-drop toilet and shower cubicle.

By opting for this type of accommodation you will be able to visit some of the very best "tucked-away places" that few others see. We highly recommend a couple of nights in this type of camp. There is no better way to get a feel for the wonders of the wild.


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