why One With Africa

why One With Africa

We want to immerse you in Africa.  We are passionate in our belief that to truly experience everything that Africa has to offer you need to spend time in its various landscapes away from the masses of humanity and amongst those of nature and the native population. 

We want you in the bush… to see the peculiarities of the various animals, to see their interaction with each other, to learn how they solve problems and how they guard against predators.  In addition, we want you to experience the warmth and friendliness of the local people as you learn more about their way of life.

Will we suggest you spend time viewing game from an open 4X4 vehicle?  You bet we will.  We would not want you to miss this experience for the world.  However, we will also suggest that you get on the ground, or on the water, or in the air.  The more that you can touch, smell, hear and feel what is around you, the better able you are to internalize your experiences and make them part of your journey. 


We have intentionally chosen the term ‘journey’- it best expresses what we have in mind for you.  We do not want this to be just another trip or vacation.  You would be doing yourself and Africa a huge injustice if you were to rush from one place to the next ticking off sights and animals seen.  We want you to experience all that Africa has to offer in a way that will allow you to be truly present with what you see and feel.  We trust that you will enjoy your journey through this bewitching continent and return home with vivid memories that will last you a lifetime.

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